Territory wars 2


Add 18g 3sil and 8coper to my account cent


I don’t know if Centurion keeps track of that stuff. He never mentioned it to me. I update everything in the main thread of the bank though.



Everytime i update i put the most recent bank account at bottem left


I would like to move north


Cent whene are you gonna update map


5 gold map player screens
4 gold screens

There are quite a few map players there. I would like to use those and pay 8 gold to buy the mine at Brigantium in northern Spain. The rest of the screenshots can go towards land around there.

The Warrior's Bank

Update9 aug, 7
@ALMIGHTY2.0 @Lotus_Platoon @GeneralNapoleon you have all lost the influence of 1 general for a failing to take arms and post gold screen victories your general has abandond your caus and looked for work else where.

@Noremac has gained a mine giving him plus one gold every victory post on territory wars normac since it is your mine you will have to count and add your own Gold to your bank, just post at the bottem of screens how much gold total you earned for transparency since i also own a mine but decided not to collect due to no 1 having a mine but as of now i will start being you also have one.


@TheHorseLord @One_Man_Army @Noremac @Grayrider64






I will take Macedonia pannonia and what ever is left goes to sourrounding towers +14 total gold for each screen(mine owner)


I want to take the land’s to the east of me




Jack want to battle


Emperor of Rome, I challenge you for your well in Northern Italy.


Sorry man it has a wall but cent didnt put it on map for some reason


You never posted the transaction in the bank. If you want to do that I will make sure Cent puts it on the map for you.


Oh ok I haft to post it on the bank he never told me