Territory wars 2


If you guys want i can make a custom map +differant units so you both have an = chance of winning @TheHorseLord i dont see anything of you asking for a wall you asked for price but not that Thats what you wanted for sure


How much is it to put a wall around his well and two towers to the north of Italy? There is still a way to challenge people even if they have a wall, right?


if you challenge a fortified destination.You will be giving up the high ground in a custom map+(new rule) challenger must put 5g on the table to signify the loot your dead men would have left in the form of weapons, armor etc. if you lose a challenge. You would need to own all Ratia to put a wall around his well also to put blockade towers directly north of italy. You can put blockade towers NW of italy


How much though?


Theres 4 fields in souronding areas walls around fields cost 8gold 8×4=32gold

Blockade towers cost 10 gold for 2 20gold

That type of construction will run you



@TheHorseLord so what do you want to do. Will you build a wall around your well for 9 gold or pay for the whole Italian border?


Oh for @TheHorseLord i was counting yours @noremac Scipio just needs to build in pannonia and revenna 8g×3

and 2 towers. 10g×2

The Warrior's Bank


I would like to move west please


Ok I will build a wall just like my boy Donald Trump viva

The Warrior's Bank

I would like tto take the land’s to the south of me



@Grayrider64 3 of your 5 screens aren’t gold screens(general+cav spear/sword) i’ll count them this time but future screens have to qualify please thanks


@TheHorseLord @Noremac not sure whats going on? Wall where for who?


Its for me and I want it on the border of italy with normac


I did these


@Grayrider64 @One_Man_Army @R.M.GTexas_Toast_18 @TheHorseLord


My boy I said east first then south that’s west


I would also like a wall between Jerusalem and petra


My bad ill fix it soon


It’s cool broski you probably had a lot of updating to do