Territory wars 2



Berlin and the rest of brandonburg please


are they on on the map berlin and Brandenburg i don’t see them on map I’m not knowledgeable in current geography please use map names


Berlin is the bold dot and well next to my borders and brandonburg is suebi


You should Google these places and learn about them. That is one of my favorite parts about this game.


Hello can I join territory wars plz


If your clan is in you are In


Hay jack wana battle


My clan is in


Ya its RMG cent will just add you on




Lubu Once you post a qualifying screen ill put you on.
@Grayrider64 :ok_hand: thanks ill put them in oh and a well cost 2 screens of ANY registard player

Markets cost 2 gold screens of an ACTIVE map player +6g even if there your own clan mates


@Grayrider64 should i place your screenshots to the towers souronding and fields that dont require special screens???


I guess


But I’d like to purchase the two wells on my borders


I believe you need two gold quality screenshots for that. @Centurion1 can gold be used in place of screenshots?


@Grayrider64 @Noremac 2 gold screens of a registard player to obtain a well.


send me to sarmatea



The well in Pannonia with these two screens of a registered player

+2gold (mine) @noremac