Territory wars 2


@Grayrider64 your a 9 fields close to needing a well
@One_Man_Army your at capacity for your well your in need of 1 more well you cannot expand anymore and are in critical need of a well each passing day without a well results in -1field each day after this
well cost= 2screens of a registard player


@Tj_theGreat here is were you post to gain territory the map above is most current


Ok thank you ill keep in touch


I will take Marcomanni

@Noremac +2gold(mine)


I will take the well in Germania with top 2

Then these 8 to all fields and towers in area
@noremac +10gold(mine) for screens


@noremac @One_Man_Army @Grayrider64 @TheHorseLord check your fields you may need a well @One_Man_Army you are in need critically


Get it asap


Hay cent could you take all gold from my clan players and just put it in one pile called RMG gold


@centurion1[quote=“Centurion1, post:271, topic:11649, full:true”]
@noremac @One_Man_Army @Grayrider64 @TheHorseLord check your fields you may need a well @One_Man_Army you are in need critically



Ya he won but my phone was very glitchy kept moving back and forth


Alright I’ll take your word for it


But you can have victory any way np


Hey how do I join this thing


Cen will put you in under your clan R.M.G


This thread is too active for me.too keep up with vyour going g to have to link these to the bank or we will need to figure out a better way to get gold from mines.


Sounds good


Thats @Noremac department ask him i just put what he puts on my screen


@IMPERIUMXvX Post a gold Screenshot in your name or the name of a clan and move from there. if you wish to start your own Empire i will start you in any spot not occupied by a color/active map player. Leave a spacific destination per screenshot or just post without a destination and i will use color wheel system


That’s what i did i posted them in the bank how do you want me to do it let me lnow asap. I post everything in bank but i also need it here for records to insure transparency incase others are like how is your account growing they can look threw post and find out, or i may need to add a structure so i need those specifics here also


Cent he is RMG player