Territory wars 2


So compass color is direction you want to go?


So can I move down to Moesa?


So can I get the well


I noticed that later. You are all good.


Yes you can also just request to go a destination. The color wheel is if you post screenshots without giving your destination i will use that for your movements. Special products/structures requires you give a clear directions where what you want well market etc. and must have special screens required


You need 2screens of registard player for a well


Yeah I posted one and I beat horselord but didn’t get the screen shot. He even said it read up the thread


Its up to you guys to make me aware of these things, i only process what i see if you guys have some deal to count a screen not took you have to put @Centurion1 and what ever it is you guys agreed on theres alot things posted things can get lost if there not screens




So do I post a screen shot or am I just part of your nation?


You go to samuraiwar.org and press the reply buton on the bottum right it saise upload press that


It says the server cannot be found


Did you click the link I game you


I did what u said it’s being sold, are you on a computer or a phone?




Oh really smart ass




We’re all on legs


Need help? Some times servers are unstable, and some of them are private