Territory wars 2


Im on phone ask normac he playes on both



You cant do it from app you must go threw google them type openwar.forum.org


@Grayrider64 if you want a well you will need 1 more registered player screen you have 1but requires 2. You can also trade a screen to clanmate for a Screen of a registered player if you don’t have one but someone in your clan does off they can just give you 1 or trade your orange screen


I mentioned you in it



Both of those :point_up_2:i see no inf-cav so i will SELL you a registered player gold screen for 12gold if you agree just post @Centurion1 i agree
here is the screen


Centurion what are you talking about both of them you can clearly see cav and infantry


Wana battle




Where you at let’s battle


@Centurion1 give me all of Italy and spread the rest wherever


Scipio Theres alot of non qualifying screens here please be sure you post only gold screen’s with battles faught all the way threw noremac counts the screens were players left early i dont please be sure battles are faught atleast till the end


Im sorry my bad i ment inf-cav such as a horse spear/sword not footmen spear/sword also horse archer doesnt qualify


Yeah then they still qualify the cav are with the infantry that’s why you can’t see them that well



Yes, the first picture there is clearly a spear horse overlapped with horse archer, and second picture horse is overlapped with general. There are many battle marks, and this is legit.


that’s my first three


Zhao mine doesnt count on territory map post it on warriors bank so you can get gold