Territory wars 2


3 random screens
Where you expanding


Rest of suebi




All these go to @noremac



Put me in Luxembourg , if not then anywhere else



Saxones and chatti please


give me the resrest of italy


Cent when is update gona be @Centurion1


Give everything I have to horselord , all my victory’s go to him


No we nead to expqnd our empire thats why I wanted you on the board


K sire


I want to join territory wars and help my clan



I want to join territory wars with my clan R. M. G


Last map post 266

@R.M.GLuBu @Grayrider64
@Noremac @TheHorseLord
@Zhao_Yun some of your guys screens weren’t gold, I will officially update in a few days @El-Duderino @GeneralNapoleon


I will take the market in Germania by rule it also cost -6gold from my worrior bank account /2 active map player screens.

Market in Germania :point_up_2:.
I will take Lutetia with these👇

I will use these :point_down: for the market in Marcomanni -6gold

I will take all Dacia with 4 those :point_up_2: screens.
These :point_down: these 18 i will use for any surrounding towers near my territories

-12 gold total for Centurion1 for my market purchase’s i will just deduct it from my mine gold.
+28gold(mine)-12gold= 16gold(total) @Noremac


I will purchase walls around all of pannonia and the market in Marcomoni
8×3=24gold /well9gold /market 10gold
=-43gold to Centurions account @Noremac


@R.M.GLuBu @TheHorseLord @One_Man_Army


What do you use to modify map?