Territory wars 2




I paid 4 it though But it’s a really good app you get a trial at1st



Rest of suebi and Britannia


Suebi cost a 2active map players screens+6gold to acquire a market look how i did mine in post 337
You must disply in wrighting in the screens you post to go directly to owning a market (with name of state its in).
MARKET COST = 2 gold screenshots of an active map player +6gold from Worrior Bank


It can even be a clan mates screen that you use


With these i will start my first offensive campaign and invade the men that came from the East beyond the the edge of the earth. 20 or 30 years ago till this day they invaded but they have become silent and are in the way off my empire. I now come to siege and rain supreme

@MisukiChosokabe @Lotus_Platoon
You are being invaded and are on a limit of 3days too respond. If you fail to respond you will lose 1general everyday after the 3days warned till all are gone forfeiting your castle/territory to @Centurion1


Being invaded
Invader @Centurion1

@R.M.GTexas_Toast_18 @Grayrider64 @TheHorseLord @R.M.GLuBu @Grayrider64 @Zhao_Yun @ALMIGHTY2.0 @One_Man_Army


Then I want to invade @ALMIGHTY2.0


You got to be within the 2logo rule



@Grayrider64 Brittania requires a boat


God damn it. How do I get a boat


Lol boat 35gold your clan is already near a boat yard just ask to go to Brundisium it will cost you no screens to go there your clan controls links of territory heading that way it cost a pretty pennie to get a boat. You can ask your clan mate or leader to trade,give or sell you screens they have so that you may acquire certain things such as markets,wells etc.
Read rules above in post 1 to see all requirements to get special structures


Cent I should have about 20g but normac doesnt count the screens no more and I deleated all of them


Well i can’t do nothing you should have waited doo you wanna start a bank???


Ya that would be a good idea


Are you gonna use noremac’s system?


I gues ww will call it territory bank but only change is if you have gen its one gold and gen and cav will be 2 gold


You could call it War chest this should be for active map players playing only. That way it’s less people you gotta keep track of