Territory wars 2


Ok ya no one is active any more once I get pc im not gona be on as much though


Nvm then dont even start it


I will but no one is on no more



36 gold nice work man


Idk scip your currency are heavily inflated. +when posted here they don’t count as currency


I might have to double prices for all things


What do you mean


sep, 3
The mishu clan consisting of @Lotus_Platoon
And @MisukiChosokabe has been conquerd by Centurion all property falls to his empire they have choose to starve then to face there invaders in battle.


@Lotus_Platoon @MisukiChosokabe have been conquerd by @Centurion1.
@Grayrider64 i have put you in all open areas in your side, you need an 2active map player screens +6g to get the rest of suebi you have lubu that are active map screens but they are not gold screens
@Zhao_Yun you you are in need of a well you need 2gold screens of any registard player to obtain 1. You can no longer be able to conquer land due to no wells to support growth


Update8 sep3


How did you take that land


Cent my clan is out of the game you give yourself more land then my clan which has more people and more screens what are you running here a game that you can give yourself more land and win all the territory I’m out


1st of all yor clan is always loading unquilified screens thats your guys faults i tell u over and over ther must be gen w cav u guys keep loading screens without 1 or the other or there battles not faught all my screens are legit so quit if u want. i dont care i aint cheating you just dont listen all the proof is there just look

and i got that land by invading it didnt you see my post further :point_up_2:


Dont ever accuse me of cheating all my screens are all there with names and destinations or my intent on what my screens are gonna be used for its not my fault u dont get it by now


Pefect ill just divide your land @TheHorseLord . too all players still playing @One_Man_Army @Noremac @El-Duderino .

If the players in @TheHorseLord still wanna play your more then welcome to
@Zhao_Yun i know your part of horselords clan but you are a stronger smarter leader then the one that leads you if you wish to keep playing you will be a great foe

@Grayrider64 @R.M.GTexas_Toast_18 or any other clan mate willing to conquer in your own name, since your leader is an idiot


Cent I’ll quit too cause you actually do cheat you don’t post any screenshots anymore and you barely play now you can’t claim so much with paying


Without paying I mean


Where do i cheat show me or redact your words. Actually you showed your a cheater i just didnt say any thing you tried to group your cav to gether to hide the fact you have no gold screen and you dont listen i keep telling u rules then you do opposite and expect me to give you territory you didnt earn


I listened to the rules you showed me you took land without showing screenshots