Territory wars 2


My movements


@Noremac what is your price for the the roads in Naissus or i can offer my mercenary work?




@TheHorseLord you have to occupy the field in the front of the castle you can get there by color wheel system or posting a screen of a logo thats near there area to get close by GIVING SPACIFIC DESTINATION then posting 2 gold screens1gen +1cav to occupy the field infront of any castle


Well then I beat the guy who ownes venedi and can I have land in sarmata or just give me lanf in the tip of italy I will post screen rightnow


Ok be sure you leave correct name



Put the name of ur destination request along with ur screens


You have a logo in Venidi


Those 2 at the bottem i cant count 2nd they quit the 3rd where are all the body’s??to show there was a battle


@TheBestEver wanna join


Read above for your missing movements. Put your clan mate @Grayrider64 on the map you are clan leader @TheHorseLord you have king they have horse generals


The guy wont battle me he just leaves he starts the battle but wont finish it what can I do


Just use the color wheel system it will take u were u gotta go if that guy wont finish a battle you can use another logo on road to subsitute for that green i guess since he wont play you


I will take DYRRACHIAM

Ill keep going nw with a green



How u use color wheel


Where ever your king is thats were you move from. On the color wheel each color takes you a certain directions the N on the compass means up think of a joystick green goes up, blue goes down, red goes right, blue goes left the color of the screens will go towards a certain direction unless you give a clear spacific location on map within the 2 logo rule from your king you can move anywhere thats not occupied by an active member with a gold screen i wont use the color wheel if you give a location name must be on map were you wanna go


I will build walls around Sirium deducting
8×3=(24gold) to protect 3 fields @Noremac
Based on these prices