Territory wars 2


Here is my proof in one its not even a victory

Where is your proof i have all my screens gold with names and destinations + when i play i play consecutive games 1 after another i charge and distroy my enemies quick unlike you inching up little by little making games last 10 to 15 minutes where i get 5 games in your 1. You are perfect to be in scipios clan you are as dishonest as him ive known scipio a long time and seen him lie cheat and make false claims and now you are no differant.


Where exactly are the territory you claim i added without screens!!! ill show you the verry screens you will say i dont have, every single market/well i can show you in the history with the proper qualifing screens. Tell me exactly what territory i took without screens i expect you wont reply cause i bet you cant name 1


He didn’t show screen shots of him and lotus because they wouldnt fight him I just went a looked and last week he said they were being invaded I don’t think he’s lying @Centurion1 where my land at from RMG?


You take it all


Well cent you have called me a lier my clan will stay just to defeat you here’s some screens and you never take stars off el duderino or normac why is that they havent ben on in two weeks




@Centurion1 how do you take all the land? Is it because you uploaded screenshots bc you can’t just take ALL there land right don’t you have to be near it to take it?


Where even is there land?


Post 330 is me getting next to there territory by using my 18 post to take towars surrounding my territory taking me to there lands the next map post is when i invaded i sent messeges to them they didnt reply within any of the 3 warning days and lost a :star2: a day till theye were all gone


Ok so you are around all there land alright that’s all I wanted to know


What can buy to give me an advantage


Buy a :sailboat:


march me twards spain @Centurion1


I mean like a crutch match for my territory




Alright how much. And do I need any screens to buy?


Walls, towers can be requested in a post to protect a complete square
Feild COST 8 gold around
Well=9 gold around
MARKET=10gold around
Buildings= 14gold around
Tower blockade =10gold per tower (towers lock roads from any travel of anyone other then owner, they must fight you to pass but you lose nothing or they can pay you autimaticly it will go to your funds)


I want to get 1 tower to my northeast border


Sup cheater you don’t even answer cuz you no your one has!:joy::laughing:


:ok_hand:I’ll do it when i gt a cha