Territory wars 2



Then send me to saramqtae


Ok to the territory of @ALMIGHTY2.0 territory thats a powerfull adversary but sure although he has been inactive


That’s why


Lol good luck its smart to gain as much land as you can right now its easy but when the map gets filled with active members it will be harder to make advances


Also to Ireland and Denmark or Sweden


I know hardly any one played though


Ya only me and you and lotus have advances hay how do I get a boat


You know what send me to brigantium


Yes I will March to gold mines of brigantium on top of Spain and how do I get a boat


To get a boat you have to be 2 logos away from any boat logo +35gold. not mine though thats just my boat it gives you the ability to attack any logo 2 logos away from any shore


Ok yes I will March to brigantium and stop the alliance with norm


Ok well gtg ill be on later



I will take Dalmatia



Sent March my army to Noviumagnus it’s uninhabited


@Jacker @Brius @TCB @Datpooh


I’d like to expand out however I can from the ARF territories in Spain.



I count 13 qualifying screens must be all gold screens or where its evident they quit at bigging or close to it there army must have less then half if they quit to quilify