Territory wars 2


ok. I’l cull them out. DO you want to battle rn?


Sure ill battle 1 then ima update map




Im in lobby now i seen u just now


I think you guys cant see me its weird


Dang I hate that


Combined I counted 22 gold and 5 silver.


Except idk about the quitting rule.


13 is fine.


You should make a concil thread. One with us leaders that can vote on rules and this should be private to leaders


Players that climb the ranks threw being active on games and bank account should hold so much gold then they can vote on rules


I made that rule to compisate for when app crashes or armies dont load or theirs heavy glitching i dont like to count those as victories those should be earned and faught for so the territory and battles will meen more


This is complicated… so three men take on an entire europe filled with inactive players which means you take everything effortless… Sounds like something i would sign up for but probably takes a lot of time saving up before I actually do anything…


Update7 july 27
@GeneralNapoleon @El-Duderino @ALMIGHTY2.0 you guys failed to post in this update by rule every update you will lose a generals inflence going under4 makes you volnerable to being conquerd without having to battle you.

@Grayrider64 @Lotus_Platoon @Noremac @One_Man_Army @TheHorseLord
@EdoMutako you are all safe from losing a general due to posting within this update or a person from your clan did even if you directly didnt play


Official update7

@Noremac your in critical need of a well or water you are at 10 fields without water you have 3 moves and i couldnt move you any more without these special screens stated below
left this is the 1st warning in 1 day a field will be lost due to drought and 1 every day after .

The next easiest water source is 3 screens to reach the location +2 gold screens of a registerd player to obtain a well.

There is one closer but to get territory in a gold mine requeirs 2 screens with half the army alive more then 5 units including general+1cav +8gold of an active member


Official update7 july, 27


Ill.be on around 4-5 pm mst



Send me to noviumago I will take take it


I wish t join.