Territory wars 2


Sure youll be in my clan we will be called the blue shield empire. Put this :spades:infront of your name to show your in my clan


I count 5 qualifing screens


When i get a reply i will give you your martching orders you will have 24 hours to complete


Ola chicos


Hey Duderino how you been. You are saved from losing influence there were rumours the king died but these battles have restored faith that the king lives and may your massive Empire flourish


I will have to have screns posted here blue+2tans @MTF_NineTailedFox before i pay


I will advance past normacs road then 2 purple screens to go down to my boat

Then a blue to head to Nabanosis towards @Noremac territory
Then a tan to move into Nabanosis
Then 2 gold screens of a player on map to obtain a well
As a trade for the roads near my Empire @Noremac is nolonger in need for a well


Oh wow. I knida get how this works now. You can post victories to move your army?


Can I get a piece of land and then let someone take it



So do I expand south now


You have to post for proof so people dont think im cheating for you or me


Is blue southwest or just south


Can I spread east with this?


Just in that general direction i wont be picky of the type of blue. I use color wheel if you dont state any info of where to go but if you give me your intent i will count every screen you post to expand towards that state you wish to go to




I spread west…?, yep




I made a pretty interesting map and set up this senario- londonium allies with novio magus and doroc, and goes to war with saxones and chatti.


In the Londo-saxo war, what would you do?
play as the falling londonium empire, and save your allie?

or play as the vicious saxone kingdom, and conquer europa?

stay tuned and watch how the war unfolds
the current battleground:

The blue are Londonium(not bordering chatti) novio magus(in danger)
The red are chatti(annexing novio magus) saxone(the island)