Territory wars 2


The border is made up using forests and terrain tool, the forest part is the onl passable part because the terrain is lower. Also people should know this, the light coloured water is passable, but narrow, which means passing units are vulnerable to ranged fire, which means there’s going to be sacrifices made using infantry, or taking them out fast using calvalry.


I tried my best to make this seem balanced. The saxones and chatti’s have many troops in one place, but can be easily outran and confused by the two equally strong nations-londonium and novio magus. Here the players would decide whether they decide to full on invade novio magus first, or to invade londonium. Because this is quite hard to manage it’s two players. On the red side one is weak, which can be easily taken out by blue, but then blue has to defend the other side.


Let me know what yall think


We should bet💰 on this


If only the develope actually adds the “uploading custom map and playing them” feature, until the, this is just going to be my playground


Cent fox will just be on my board


With blue ill travle to Narbonnosas and board my boat

With red i head east to Epirus

Ill conquer road territory going north with green great battles


He posted here so it goes on plus dont you wan your empire to grow??


You and your clan are good players and can make major moves and be dominate on this map if they all post


Is your map private??


I ment with same color




Remember you can buy walls for your states or fields preventing invation


Tan SE to Epirus

then 2 blues to go down taking EPIRUS
ill edit map around 3pm or 4,5 mst


I will March my army to brundisium


And also to nearest well and whenever you put me


Want to try a custom?




It would be cool for you guys to make maps for specific battles on the map, like island invasions, mass attack, guns, calvalry and more since it is added.


When map gets full and battles with each other are inevidiable i will sugjust ee fight for whole state and roads eventually a final battle to name a king for this map and than i will start a differant map in the chinesse Japanse map