Territory wars 2


This is more or less the structuring of borders to define were people stand. @TheHorseLord do you wanna take field territory as you head that way or do you want to get to your destinaton conquering roads wich is faster less screens to get were your going ? Let me know what u prefer


I count 2 gold screens others dont qualify theres Either no gen or cav

The first battle looked bloody theres a thick pile of bodies near that hill


Faster way I guess


And Ya first one was hard but does it count


No no gen+inf cav




How do I get ship and castle


@Centurion1 1 boat
@Noremac -35gold for boat

This is an example


How about castle


When purchases are made the money will go into the Territory Bank account. You should post about the transaction here so Centurion can give you the thing and in the Warrior’s Bank so I can change the money.


@Gral.Edward all above are movements so far on territory wars. Here is where you post to make movements must have gen +inf cav to qualify on this page. Theres is depth to this game and ill explain as you go


All rules are at top of page post 1


Watch link at forum website of samurai wars forum.openwar.org app doesnt work to link you to link




@Brius your on the map


Ill travel to board my boat with a blue

Ill travel to DYRRACHIAM to the well using these 2 players.gold screen




can I have rest of Italy


Right away sir