Territory wars 2


Do you want roads or territory


I’m ready to do this thing…but where am I?


I want to take the road from my main area in Spain towards the well.


Your king is on the road tower in tarraco


Then I’ll take the road along the Ibarus river. I’ll post more tonight to connect the well.


You have free roam in your territory meaning as long as your in your connecting empire you dont need to have a screen to travel to

Example if you wish to travel from where you are now to the other side of your Empire you can take any linking road/state territory you own WITHOUT using screens just inform me you wish to move your king there. There then u can expand out from there


Only new territory you need screens to travel


This road???




hears some more and can you change my clan banner to this one


I count 8 quilifying screens





All of those towards roads.


Yo can I move?


Workin on it right now


Sorry was a little busy realworld stuff but im free now


@Noremac @One_Man_Army @TheHorseLord


Thx man


Thanks bro