Territory wars 2


@Grayrider64 won a movement in a battle i witnessed against @One_Man_Army i gave 20gold @Noremac to the victor



Can you only play certain people in custom match???


Only those with new beta


Gotta have new beta to play.And gotta have itcho to host


Did you use visa gift card


Nah but you could try


Stop putting unlegit screenshots dude that ain’t right. Your troops were disappearing and reappearing like sangoku bro that’s why I left and I even said that on the chat and you say ok let’s replay. So Admin you shall not count these screenshot on the game coz none are win. Bro I Hope you posted them by mistake coz that ain’t the honorable samourai spirit



These were legit battles bro you can read on the chat no one is leaving due to lags


And you use photo editor haha. " I wrote that’s how I lost my cav "
Not that’s how I lost my cavreplay

Then the second one I left after just a few seconds and said if “sangoku pops in the dude is out”, you said ok, and sangoku did come in so I left straight away. On the picture you are trying to pretend it’s a win by positioning your army in my camp but where are the dead bodies bro?


I put them so every one can see that my troops werent disappearing


Rematch of the battles on a custom map 3 battle to decide the loss of disputed screens or the exceptance @El-Duderino @TheHorseLord. Winner gets the favor of the disputed screens

Next time who ever dont reply within 24 hours of a screen posted the post will stay please check after you have a battle against a map player to make sure all battles were honerable



Ok good for me just do all cav battle


Cant do a battle thats in your favor it will be a ballenced army


Can I move?


The what will it be composed of


@El-Duderino some of those battles scipio posted i didnt count anyway, they didnt quilify, i dont count evident quits or screens that arnt gold.



I’ll keep progressing on that same road towards the east.