Territory Wars 3



Thanks am going to adjust the rules the border lines are pretty hard to look at :sweat_smile:


I made a couple designs my self but I drew them by hand


Nice they look great! I was wanting to incorporate the sea so I did several islands. TexasToast is doing the rest.


You guys got together to make it?


Yep he DM’ed me he wanted 2 help. I am gonna revise the rules to be more sea based yet trying to avoid sea battles. OMG SEA BATTLES.


How will those work


I got a couple name that would sound cool maybe


Do I give you the name of my kingdom?


HUGE IDEA! SUCK IT, TOTAL WAR!!! Can’t post this 4 some reason.


?what do you Mean


Waite so what are you gonna do now


Update: still waiting on TexasToast, did the liberty of doing a bit more of the map but can scratch it.


The clearest one i got @TheHorseLord




HEy can I join?


I want to be starting in Scotland/Caledonia


Or is that an old map?


Thats an old map I might make a new one