The Alliance Bank


Wish you would have battled me tonight.


Thank you for the match, sir. Would you like to open a bank account to show what your pride is worth? Strong players will​ prosper in this battle based economy.


Negative sir I am putting my nation back on the gold standard


Well then sir, I suggest you create a currency of your own. The staunch walls of your nation would soon overflow with wealth.


As long as we are able to throw out the foreigners we are happy, we don’t need to horde wealth.


this is my first


Noremac your in the mercenaries army right cause i am


Actually on these u can’t see a name or the word victory


You can you just have to click on the picture


OK ur right​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Number 1




I would like to open an account. Below should be 5 victories to make my first deposit of 1 boom


You could claim a bounty if you wanted to get another screenshot.


Would you like to open a savings account to cash these 3 in?


Yes I am. We should practice together. I want to start weekly clan scrimmages. Sundays might be a good day.


No i I’ll just stay with a basic account