The Asskicking Clan


Grow up sir


@apache , please refrain from trash talking
There’s really no scoreboard between clans. All are considered equal


… Can’t go around calling people fags and not expect a response


Spoken like a total pussy sir


Sir i respect you as a fine asskicker and that ois why when you are ready the mercenary army would be honored to kick your ass



I have started a new clan. We Nationalists would be delighted to throw your Mercenary asses out of our land whenever WE are ready.


The Staunch Nationalist,

Formerly The Asskicker


@WaitinNBatin4U69 Hello mr Trump, with the acknowledge that i can’t stump you, i vould like to join the nationalist asskicking clan.

Ready to kick ass with you, sir!


Hey, i would like to join the clan, are there any prerequisites other than to be able to kick ass?


DarkKing available for service


Cpt.Mcjimmy at your service


I would like to join my sir


Can i join the ass kicking


I see targets to whoop


Woop woop


Greetings gentlemen. Let us kick ass. We have been remiss in our asskicking duties for far too long.


Sup ass kicker


Im down


I’m looking for a partner who can take a good pounding but still hold the line, someone who can get hammered in his flank and still stay calm, someone who knows when to strike and strikes hard and fast


I need someone who understands that the key to winning is catching your enemy with his pants down and hitting them in their rear when they leave their flank exposed. If this is you, meet me on the battlefield and I will be waiting.


If you could know a lot about civil war battles that would also be sweet since that is what my background is in. That and actual combat experience.