The Asskicking Clan


Grow up sir


@apache , please refrain from trash talking
There’s really no scoreboard between clans. All are considered equal


… Can’t go around calling people fags and not expect a response


Spoken like a total pussy sir


Sir i respect you as a fine asskicker and that ois why when you are ready the mercenary army would be honored to kick your ass



I have started a new clan. We Nationalists would be delighted to throw your Mercenary asses out of our land whenever WE are ready.


The Staunch Nationalist,

Formerly The Asskicker


@WaitinNBatin4U69 Hello mr Trump, with the acknowledge that i can’t stump you, i vould like to join the nationalist asskicking clan.

Ready to kick ass with you, sir!


Hey, i would like to join the clan, are there any prerequisites other than to be able to kick ass?


DarkKing available for service


Cpt.Mcjimmy at your service


I would like to join my sir


Can i join the ass kicking


I see targets to whoop


Woop woop


Greetings gentlemen. Let us kick ass. We have been remiss in our asskicking duties for far too long.


Sup ass kicker


Im down