The brotherhood clan


We, are the brotherhood clan. Lead by me. Dason. And with your help we will dominate all the other clans and take control!. We will formally challenge the other great clans in this game and we will fight together to show them what we can do! How ever there is responsibilities with me in the battlefield, first. We will have an initiation battle to place you among our ranks. Beat me and you will automatically become my right hand man. Now, do you have what it takes to join the brotherhood. We shall see. Reply in any way to start the initiation. I’ll see you on the other side


I declare war on you because I have nothing better to do with my clan of 14 people, most of which are inactive or have left my clan.


I, Kaiser Vultblooop III, von das Umardolische Reich, Declare war on The Brotherhood Clan. The reasons for such hostilities lie in a Treaty between the Tseng Dynasty, and Jayixthenland-Umardoloth.


HA ILL TAKE YOU ON. WE WILL FIGHT AT NORTHGARAD (a fictional place) if I win, you will post an. Update on your clan forum saying you suffered a humililiating defeat from the brotherhood


HA . THEN WE SHALL FIGHT. if I win you post an update on your clan forum saying how you suffered a humililiating defeat from the brotherhood and vice versa if you win I shall do the same


k ill send some fools into vulty poos army and hell lead the forces


You will regret declaring war on the brotherhood. We shall fight


Yes. One battle will decide the fate of your cheap clanthat has more members than me. One fight no rematch.


no i wont, i never regret


You will regret fighting with shogunate day -sun! ALL HAIL DAY-SUN


uh, have you read the rules? We are on the offensive. We will take 1 province by one until nothing is left.


I’d like to see you try


um… k


Let’s fight right now. If you win I post on my forum that I lost to the empire you rule I don’tknow the name yet


lmao, you can do that, but I would like to have one of my people fight you instead, he needs the experience… Is this ok?


Yes but only on the terms that you promise to post you defeat by the brotherhood clan if I win


k little boi


k sounds spicy my dude, I will be on in a sec if Jay can’t fight.


Id like to start initiation


lol, Dason, where did you go? I was ready to fight you man :stuck_out_tongue: