The CoolHandClan is now recruiting!


The only requirement is u must now. Most of the history between the. Timelines of the napoleon to World War One. … and Stuff about roman and Greeks tactics …

To short it up u most now some history

Thx for all crooperation. If want more info contact me in this game or at

We now have 2 members : welcome!! Logan_Ozmun and TheZak3risGT


I want to join


Good mail me for further information.


Can I join I’m a war geek and very good with strategy


Yes u. Can


This is Highly Recommended - You can join the Samurai Wars Discord server with this link.
This is used to ease the coordination of matchmaking and Tournaments. You will also find many prominent SW players there to challenge.
If this clan is able to reach 5 members, you will also be provided with your own role on the server.



Wow thx. I would love that


Oh and that link u sent isn’t working downloaded discord but the code it says to use won’t work …Can you Help please!


I fixed the link…


Thx it worked


Do u have discord


Do u have. Discord?


No cool hand clan


Sure will join your clan,but do I need discord


I have read several books on tactics and strategy, such as: “The Art of War”, “War”, “The German Squadron in Battle”, “German Tactical Doctrine”; By the way, I also watched documentaries on. I am not very familiar with antiquity, however, I hope you will accept me into this clan.


I’ll join for the fun of it


Wow. Ok lots of people. Cool umm please all wait while I organize


Yes it’s recommended


Can I join please I’m good at strategy


Yes you can @Getalife