The CoolHandClan is now recruiting!


Yes i have


Can i join?


I want to join because, i’m an excellent military tactician


Can I join? I love history! Since before I could read I was a civil war buff and I’m into Greek mythology. Hopefully that qualifies me?


Can i join


Yes you can join sorry for the late response


Great can’t wait to have u on board


I believe u are already in it bud :joy:


It does glad to have u on board I also created this to discuss history and learn and have fun playing


Have discord just give me the link


Please, allow me to be the first to challenge you history nerds. Any of you can meet me on the battle field and we will see who gives the lesson in ass kicking. I’ll be online tomorrow 10 am Pacific Time. Set the time and I will try to make it.


Can anyone guess what anniversary is coming up that starts on July 1st? It lasts until the 3rd .


Alright I will bro



This link is for everyone (warning you are not.a member till you join this!!)


We should plan a battle ( a good show of strength for our mighty clan)

And I could use some amusement


Hmm. …I have no idea … what is it?


We can battle now. Or same time tomorrow.


Alright lets go bro


Come at me Cool Hand Bros.