The CoolHandClan ... More members!


We have six members … And more are welcome …very easy to join just comment the CoolHandClan oath : I (User) will protect CoolHandLand and other CoolHanders from evil till the death!!
And As a fellow CoolHander I will promise to be always be awesome !!

Or just comment and say I wanna join lol xd

Requirements : At least some Knowledge of history from the the time periods of Greek and roman. To early World War One (note : medieval times is not included if you do know and. Can tell me why it can benefit the CoolHandClan then mail me ) Just basic history please join now!!!


You should try to keep your clan stuff in a single topic


Ahh I see ok


“You should try to keep your clan stuff in a single topic”
"Ahh I see ok"
Proceeds to make yet another thread about his clan


Yep and it’s final …have a problem talk to @Thruzan

Fuher of The CoolHandClan


Dude can I join I got good knowledge on romans


Yes u can. But you can’t officially have joined our discord


@Yama would you like our discord ? We would love more members we have currently 6or 7 and I’m more active on discord too


Hi I’m new, I now how to play and can I join your clan? I have Discord if you like?


Hello can I join I am expert in Mongolian tactics.