The CoolHandClan Posts and Applications


This will be for the CoolHandClan …if you want to talk to US feel free to post here … want to join ? Post!! …

In order to join you must some history. And tactics it’s pretty basic but in case someone references something I want you to know. Stuff like wars ,leaders ,time periods , major battles …it’s ok if you don’t know everything … new players welcome …
Now introducing. Weekly training!!

I write down and keep track of all members !!

Fuher of The CoolHandClan


Note : I keep reposting this and this is my final sorry if for some reason you got annoyed by this

Fuher of The CoolHandClan


Ha get rekt ! :smiley: Good game !!


I want in on the clan


You are now a member of the CoolHandClan @Sandstormer


Here’s all the members so far


CoolHandClan members
Logan_Ozmun and TheZak3risGT and Getalife. (Cat hat is out ) …


This expires in 28 minutes here’s the code to discord if you don’t have discord this is required as a coolhander

Here it is :


Sorry don’t use that here is expires in 1 day