The Diamond Empire: a new kind of gaming clan


Join the Diamond Empire! Together we shall connect like the chains of a
suit of chain mail, overwhelming the enemy with superior tactics and
The time to strike is now! The enemy is unprepared and
predictable. You may have seen the standard rival gaming clan, they
always go into battle without a plan, they have only 20 people usually,
they lack strong leadership and a chain of command, they are weak! 30
people is considered a powerful clan, LOL! One standard squad could
match their numbers easily! This is not just a gaming clan, but a
virtual society! We shall rule over real players! The only difference
between the Diamond Empire and a real nation is that the Diamond Empire
exists on a different plane of reality! The realm of the future! In the
technology news there are always headlines about the virtual world
becoming more and more like a real realm instead of a small simulation!
Think of all the people that seemingly live in minecraft, all our future
vassals! We will not just rule minecraft, but any multiplayer pvp game
we can colonize! First minecraft, then vainglory, then clash of clans!
We shall use real world military tactics and rule just like a real
nation! The game world will be our playground! The enemy is disorganized
and has probably never heard of the testudo formation, not even
seasoned veterans of gaming can fight 50 soldiers at once! The Empire
shall use advanced training and disipline to free itself from costly
diamond armor, though if you advance to an elite rank you will be able
to use it! Chunk mining will be the main form of mining in the empire,
it will not take long with 15 people mining down shoulder to shoulder!
We shall recruit skilled Redstone scientists to design the slime block
war machines of the future! Imagine a skyline full of imperial
slimeblock bomber planes, enemy base, what enemy base! The enemy is weak
and disorganized, always infighting for no reason, they will be no
match for an organized invasion of imperial soldiers marching into
battle in their shield wall formation! The time to strike is near! The
game world will be ours! All their players under our rule! Those best
gaming clans in the world, imagine 5 mega gargantua mechs, 200 imperial
soldiers, 50 tnt cannoneers, a horizon full of Redstone slime block
bombers, and all with them have been sabatauged by imperial agents the
night before… best gaming clan in the world, what best gaming clan
in the world…