The game is having difficulties / Not letting me play


It won’t let me join or start a game ?

Not letting me play

Same. They might be restarting the server


I’m having the same problem except like I can’t spectate any games or like people that show up battle don’t have a timer or look like they have even started.


Probably just a server restart.



Hang in there gentlemen


Should work again


It won’t let me join a match or start one


Same. They might be restarting the server.


Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue right now.


Me too. Sometimes it starts with a green screen. Also, it lags when u control your units.

For example:

when you send your archers to attack the enemy, they do not stop immediately when i command them to. This allows them to run into them enemy haha.

Timing is valuable in this game.

Hope this can get fixed on the next update or just have it the way it was before. I noticed the units are larger on the new update but we can always manually do this ourselves.

Still love this game and dealing with the bugs.


I’m aware of these issues. Once I get the new beta going I will be focusing on getting the networking stuff fixed.


@nikodil thanks!!!