The Golden Dragon war Clan is recruting (join now)


Join our great dynasty to join just ask and put G.D.W.C infront of your of your name and be active on sw


Well now im chineseso I nead new name plus this is my empire the other belongs to me but I belong to your clan


And it sounds like my golden hord Empire


Can you plz take your comments off


K go thrw my pages n take ur questions one off,the ones claiming land or relate to clan you can leave, but ur golden Empire sounds alot like my Golden hord Empire, i will leave, it sounds like mine post, so people dont confuse my up comming glden hord Empire page or a proposal battle for the name one of your men battle my men jj or fooly since the others out rank all your clan if your men win i will give up the name best of 3


Yea man its too close sounding to the Golden Horde…especially having in mind that the Golden Hord was ruling over the chinese


Guys if pleas take your posts off of this page


I’m tryna join


Ok just add G.D.W.C infront of your name


When is the clan war?


I dont know me and the other clan leaders nead to make a day but you nead to traine this saturday with me give me a time and I will give you some taktiks


We can have on on a spacific day and battle for tarritory on a spacific day


Not a set time but a general timebecause everyone probly cant be on on the same exact time but most likely can pop in the day we can post screens after we battle


thanks buddies. Warrior Beast, can you pls PM me to follow-up? Cheers Dudes


Me and cent are mountain time just say your time


Sorry didn’t see your message bro… I’m Singapore time