The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty ~ 曾在王朝的太平天國


Welcome to the Headquarters of the Heavenly Kingdom of Tseng

The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty is the current governing entity of the lands of Min Xi, ruled over by the humble lord Tseng Tsun-Mi, 12th Heavenly Monarch of the lands. We are known for our fine exports, such as silk and fine pottery, and our scientists unquenchable thirst for knowledge, having been the first to discover gunpowder, and broke the stalemate at a time when grinding sword fights decided war. We have temples larger than life of our deities, and we hold our traditions to the bottome of our hearts. We are also a source of great philosophers and learning, with 82-84% of the country being literate in at least traditional Tseng. However, once you leave the the provincial capitals and the large towns, you will find that the most common profession is farming. We get much of our funds from grain export and the regulation of grain leaving the country and grain tax makes, which leads to a huge government budget, which is invested into infrastructure, the military, and even some programs for helping out the poorest of us. Our country is a colossus, with 1.1 billion citizens living in and around Min Xi. We are also feared in war in our homeland, with bolt action Tyne 23F rifles issued en masse to our Heavenly Army, however, the units shown here will be the counterparts from the time period of ours closest to the setting of SW, though keep in mind our modern army (which will have it’s own paragraph) is not wielding swords. And you could be a part of it all, if you join the Tseng Dynasty.

The Military

The Tseng military is divided into multiple Field Units, which are like Western Regiments, except much larger. There are and have always been around 14 Field Units, of which 4 are Heavenly Army, 4 are Heavenly Skirmishers, 3 are Heavenly Cavalry, and 3 are Heavenly hand rockets. Smaller support troops who are not part of a units are in a smaller organization, and are not attached to a Field Unit. A Field Unit is commanded by a Field Commander, or 戰地指揮官. The approximate size of a Field unit is around 200,000, and the smaller support units, called Field Battalions, combined with the Field Army (all Field Units combined) brings the Army’s total number to around 3,000,000 troops in peacetime, and that number can swell to 10,000,000 in a harsh war, where 30 new Field Units of Conscripts, called Heavenly Militia (which is a mixed unit, ranging from swords to bows to spears to horses, and more), making the wartime ability of The Heavenly Kingdom tremendous. Here we will attempt to explain to you the organization of the army, and the history and modern/historic compisitions of the units.

1st Heavenly Army “Heavenly Dragons” Field Commander: Golden_Dragon

*I’m just going to explain the banner, so the bottom symbol is the symbol of what kind of unit is, and the circle represents the Tseng Circle of Heaven. Every ray going out means what number Field Unit it is, so the one is the first, the one with two would be second, and so on.

The 1st Heavenly army is possibly the oldest unit in the Tseng army, having it’s roots in the Tseng Legion, a group of Tseng citizens led by Tseng Tsun-Li against the Sen Imperial Army. They were formed as part of the Banner code, which started the Field Unit system. They have been active all across Tseng history, and have played a role in almost all main battles, but some of the most important they were included in was the First Battle of Ma’ Yi, where they faced off against the Ma Ki in Tseng territory, and the Battle of the Sen River, where they eliminated the final Sen Imperialists on the border.
In the First Battle of Ma’ Yi, the 1st HA took tremendous measures to ensure that the Ma Ki cavalry did not make it around the flanks of the main army, which would cause total envelopment and a route, and might have lost the war if not for this heroic action. However, this action did not come without sacrifice, and 15,000 of the 70,000 men (not all 200,000 fought, about have were reserves and the 30,000 were garrisoned) fighting lost their lives for the Tseng Dynasty, and will be remembered forever.
The 1st HA had a huge part in ending the Sen Dynasty in the battle of the Sen River, where the remnants of the Sen Dynasty lay, with a child Emperor upon the false throne in the city of Sen. They had constructed defenses and broken down bridges, and made it near impossible to get in. NEAR, impossible. The 1st HA’s Field Commander issued an order for wood to be chopped down and for the 100,000 soldiers in the unit to construct a bridge, under heavy fire, and make it to the other side, where they would be able to easily defeat the few soldiers and conscripts that lay in wait. The mission was a total success and the Sen Dynasty was eliminated with the death of the Emperor. But the losses were also massive, 40,000 out of the 100,000 were killed or wounded. But compared to the losses of the Sen, which were many times greater, with 70,000 of 236,000 killed, or wounded and later executed, 120,000 taken prisoner (40,000 of those executed), and 46,000 missing, expected to have either dissolved into the population or snuck out in the chaos.

2nd Heavenly Army “Heavenly Wall” Field Commander: NoahMiller

The 1st and 2nd Heavenly armies have a lot in common. They were both formed from the Tseng Legion, and have consequently both been around for a very long time. However, the 2nd HA was mostly used as just front line soldiers, who held against enemy frontal charges, which while an important role, it does not even come close to being as important as flanking and building bridges. That was before the advent of gunpowder. Around the time the first muskets started being used as a substitute for hand rockets, many of the old Field Commanders, as they were about the same age, started to die or retire, leaving newer generals with new ideas in the lead. One of these new Field Commanders would become the great Lee Sung-Mi, and would lead the 2nd HA to a many glorious victories, but we will focus on one very influential battle. The Battle of Lengshi, fought against the Farien Empire.
The Farien Empire was a foreign power that is still not known much about. It was said they owned land all across the world, and kept this power with an advanced military, and a fist of steel. At first we wanted an alliance, but when they refused and immediately declared war, we were shocked. We readied about 8 different Field Units for war, and the Farien Navy easily swept our ships from the seas, and sent out landing craft. The landing craft produced from their insides around 50,000 total Farien soldiers, and with their advanced repeating rifles they managed to fight their way past the 2nd Hand Rockets defending the beach with muskets and artillery. The 2nd Heavenly Army was called up to hold the line, and while they had far superior numbers on paper, they had only 80,000 personnel ready for battle, with more than half taken up in Garrison duty and peasant rebellions. With only slightly superior numbers against a force that had routed 200,000 men, it seemed impossible to beat these Farien soldiers. So the Field Commander committed his troops into purely defensive formations, making use of his superior numbers to form trenches and redoubts, and even made use of some of the remaining members of the 2nd Hand Rockets to set up artillery positions. But the real important part of his plan was crossfire. The Field Commander Lee Sung-Mi deployed his front line in a V shape, but stretched horizontally so that while it appeared straight, when they made it close enough to fire, they would be hit from both sides, trapped by reserves who would flank around, and shot to death.
As the Farien soldiers advanced in their rows the next morning, they marched into what they assumed was a basic line
fortification, much like the ones at the landing at Lengshi, and thought nothing of it. Once in effective range of the redoubt, they fired and began a bayonet advance into the redoubt, but their flanks suddenly got decimated, and realized that men had been moved to form the flanks of the “v” and soon the reserves had encircled the Farien army, and with a mixture of artillery and the brute force of overwhelming numbers surrounding them, every Farien was killed, wounded, or taken prisoner, marking the end of the Farien threat.

3rd Heavenly Army Field Commander: Artchitect

4th Heavenly Army “Army of the Heavenly Serpent” Official Army of Heaven Field Commander: Wu Qi

The 4th heavenlhy Army was formed during the advent of gunpowder weapons, such as the matchlock you see down below.
1st Heavenly Skirmishers

2nd Heavenly Skirmishers

3rd Heavenly Skirmishers

4th Heavenly Skirmishers

1st Heavenly Cavalry

2nd Heavenly Cavalry

3rd Heavenly Cavalry

1st Hand Rockets

2nd Hand Rockets

3rd Hand Rockets

The History


The Diplomacy



Unassigned Members

Field Commanders
Golden_Dragon of the First Heavenly Army “Heavenly Dragons”

NoahMiller (Oneeye) of the Second Heavenly Army “Heavenly Wall”

Ar(T)chictect of the White Celestial Army, Provincial Governor of Senxi

Wu Qi (Wu_Qi) of the 4th Heavenly army “Army of the Heavenly Serpent” Official Army of Heaven, and Provincial Governor of Monzhou

R3AP3R of the Black Celestial Army, and the Provincial Governor of Liuzhou

Destroyer of the Orange Celestial Army, and the Provincial Governor of Pan Mi

BenHe of the Red Celestial Army, Provincial Governor of Sungxi Mi So, Official Translator, and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Chigirok, Provincial Governor of Mori

FRYDCHYKEN of the Yellow Celestial Army, and the Provincial Governor of Mienchi


I’ll join, sounds very interesting


It sounds pretty cool may I join?


Of course you can join, any additions to the Heavenly Kingdom are welcomed with open arms.
First I have two Questions, how long have you been playing and what “Field Unit” do you want to command out of the

1st Heavenly Army Taken
2nd Heavenly Army Taken
3rd Heavenly Army Taken
4th Heavenly Army Taken

1st Heavenly Skirmishers
2nd Heavenly Skirmishers
3rd Heavenly Skirmishers
4th Heavenly Skirmishers

1st Heavenly Cavalry
2nd Heavenly Cavalry
3rd Heavenly Cavalry

1st Hand Rockets
2nd Hand Rockets
3rd Hand Rockets


what is your Samurai Wars name


Of course you can join, any additions to the Heavenly Kingdom are welcomed with open arms.
First I have two Questions, how long have you been playing and what “Field Unit” do you want to command out of the

1st Heavenly Army
2nd Heavenly Army
3rd Heavenly Army
4th Heavenly Army

1st Heavenly Skirmishers
2nd Heavenly Skirmishers
3rd Heavenly Skirmishers
4th Heavenly Skirmishers

1st Heavenly Cavalry
2nd Heavenly Cavalry
3rd Heavenly Cavalry

1st Hand Rockets
2nd Hand Rockets
3rd Hand Rockets


what is your Samurai Wars name


I would like to join your clan my name is Golden_Dragon and I would like to lead the First Heavenly Army can it also be called the Heavenly Dragons?


Of course, thank you for joining the Kingdom of Heaven. Name of the 1st HA has been changed to 1st Heavenly Dragons and Golden_Dragon has been assigned to it’s command.


War name: Oneeye19
I’ve been playing for a couple weeks
2nd heavenly army


Also could it be called the Spartans because they are the frontal defense, so they would most likely be pike men.


Thank you my lord.


I am sorry, but Spartans is a bit heavily westernized, and a Heavenly Army Unit has all kinds of units, and since it’s huge (200,000 men) you could decide it’s makeup. I’ll will give it the nickname, “The Heavenly Wall”


Also, I am going to start a new system with provinces, and if you want you can be the Mayor of a province even on top of your military job. There are 7 Provinces in Min Xi, and 3 Provinces outside of Min Xi in the surrounding area. However, Emperor Tseng Tsun-Mi owns Tseng as the Emperor, so no one can own Tseng. If your province is invaded you are expected to defend it until the entire Imperial Field Army (this is the Emperor elite) and the Heavenly Field Army are able to stall enemy advance.

Within Min Xi
Emperor Tseng Tsun

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Uen Liy
Provincial Mayor: N/A

Pan Mi
Provincial Mayor: N/A

_Provincial Mayor: Field Commander Wu Qi of the Army of the Heavenly Serpent

Outside Min Xi
Provincial Mayor: N/A

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Sungxi Mi So
Provincial Mayor: N/A



I am Wu Qi, a traveller who has been wondering around the region, looking for a great ruler to accept me into the ranks and until now i have found no such person, your majesty i ask of you to take me as one of your commanders.

What i would want would be:

  • Command of the 4th Heavenly army, for the name i would like your majesty to name them, so the soldiers will receive the blessings of heaven

  • Command of the Monzhou province

I shall wait for your response, i shall be here until then.

Name Wu_Qi


Welcome, Wu Qi

I have heard word of your travels, and I have heard nothing but great things. I have heard of humbleness, bravery, and kindness, all standards held to to the highest regard to the Tseng, and I would like to formally accept you into the Kingdom of Heaven.

All your wishes will be met, and the decision was made to name the 4th Heavenly Army the Army of the Heavenly Serpent, the chief God of Lingism, the belief system of Tseng, and have named the 4th Heavenly Army the Official Army of Heaven.

Monzhou province will be handed over into your control, and the citizens await your arrival.

His Heavenly Emperor of all Worlds, the Conqueror of Light and Dark, Parter of Seas and Imparter of Wisdom, Tseng Tsun-Mi


The Oath!

I, Wu Qi shall serve the Tseng with all my abilities, your abilities exceed mine as you are a son of Heaven and i am just a serpent on the ground and i cannot ever go to the same height as you are but i shall try all my abilities to make you go even higher!

I shall also humbly accept all my positions and i have sworn an oath of allegiance to your majesty and the Tseng, i have made a pot with material from my travels and i shall hand it to you, to show my allegiance.

Wu Qi, servant and commander of the Tseng


Welcome to your new home


Thank you, your majesty, i shall head to Monzhou immediately and began my duties.


This is a little something I did on Sketchpad 4 in my free time. It was one of the first guns used by the Tseng Dynasty during the rule of the 5th Emperor. We have certainly come a long way, from matchlocks and cannon (I’ll make one of those) to rifle and howitzer XD


Greetings. May I join you in battle? My name is Ar(T)chitect. The 4th Heavenly Army.


I see a fine warrior is set… The 3rd heavenly army.