The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty ~ 曾在王朝的太平天國


I can lead your finest men, 3rd.


You may join, Artichitect. Would you like to name the 3rd Heavenly Army something else?


I have heard many tales of your abilities on my travels such as the one where you tamed a horse that was said could never be tamed.

I am glad we have a warrior with your skill and abilities.

Wu Qi, servant and commander of the Tseng


Your majesty has great artistic skills.

Wu Qi, servant and commander of the Tseng


Thank you, Field Commander Wu Qi


No problem your majesty.


Your majesty i also suggest that you create a message discussion to allow us to talk privately with all the commanders and yourself.

what do you think?


sure, nice idea Wu Qi


Thank you, your majesty.


Yet another thing I did in my free time with Sketchpad 4. It’s really good for making pictures, and you don’t even need to download it!


Yes emperor.

Ar(T)chitect, 3rd Heavenly Army of the Red Eye.


Honored and bestowed to fight along side in battle. For the empire!


The Conquest of Sharkonica and Pars

The Tseng Empire engaged in the fight against the Skaronican Empire, and was also responsible for it’s surrender and so got a large chunk of land from Sharkonica. We also gained around 8 warships and several hundred thousand military POWS, who will be tried for aggression against the Heavenly Kingdom. We also assisteed in the capture of Pars, and will gain a part of Parsian territory! We have gained very much from this conquest, and it shows a thriving example of the prowess of the Empire.

The Heavenly Emperor,
Tseng Tsun


Hi, I’m fairly new to the forum, but I would say pretty good at samurai wars. I would like to make a formal request to join as a member of your glorious empire. If needed, I also have an account on an app called discord. (Not sure if you know what it is or if you have it). But I think if you get it, it could help the empire communicate well with other memebers


ah, yeah, I will send you an invite my dude


Hello moneymaker, I will accept your request, and will ask what your name is in Samurai Wars, and a few other things later


Yes, my heavenly emperor, I will provide these to you soon


Complete Military Reformation

We have decided to abandon the Field Unit system for instead the Banner system. The Banner system will consist of different sets of 500,000 men, that each have special banner and name. Every banner will have a sort of identity, such as being more modern and made out of common people, or highly traditional and made of high tier units. The names and banners have not been made yet, but soon they will be finished. Until the names and banners have been chosen, we will remain with the Field Units.

Tseng Tsun


I made a Tseng Countryball, complete with a traditional hat and rats tail


Also heres one for the Qing Dynasty