The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty ~ 曾在王朝的太平天國


I have read hundreds of books on tactics and battle plans. My favourite is the biography of Tsubodai the Valinat the great general of the Mongol army that conquered more land than any other army ever before. I wish to be like Tsubodai and I know how to use archers to their full ability and understand how to manoeuvre them to ensure maximum damage upon our enemy!


Also if I have a title it will be ‘Tsubodai the Valiant’.
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity I promise, I, Tsubodai the Valiant, the leader of the Mongols will not lead the Heavnly Kingdom to victory!


Ok several things

  1. No real life references, so Tsudobai the Valiant or Mongols, BIG no

  2. There is a new list of armies, corresponding to the colors of the Heavenly Wheel

  3. Why does your oath say you will NOT lead to me to victory? That is pretty anti-government in my opinion

  4. And where is the province you will be choosing?

Address these THEN I will get you set up :slight_smile:


Oh My God I’m so sorry. I meant to say that I WILL lead you to victory, could I be the 1st heavenly skirmishes, as I can manoeuvre them well. Where do I find the provinces? Could I be called Jochi then?


Where are the provinces listed?


I meant their is a new army, the Blue and Yellow Sky. They have different armies made from different colors


The Red Celestial Army (500,000)

The White Celestial Army (500,000)

The Orange Celestial Army (500,000)

The Purple Celestial Army (500,000)

The Black Celestial Army (500,000) TAKEN

The Green Celestial Army (500,000)

and one of these:

Within Min Xi
Emperor Tseng Tsun

Provincial Mayor: R3AP3R

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Uen Liy
Provincial Mayor: N/A

Pan Mi
Provincial Mayor: N/A

_Provincial Mayor: Field Commander Wu Qi of the Army of the Heavenly Serpent

Outside Min Xi
Provincial Mayor: N/A

Provincial Mayor: N/A

Sungxi Mi So
Provincial Mayor: N/A

Then you are done

Choose one army (that isn’t taken) and one province (that isn’t taken)


Thank you
Could I please have the orange celestial army and govern Pan Mi
Once again thanks so much your holyness.
I guarantee that my orange celestial army and Pan Mi WILL WILL WILL lead you and the heavenly kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty to crush our foes and TO VICOTRY
P.S could I be called 'Jochi the warrior’
Thanks so much your holiness


Ok thank you, it’s ok
I really appreciate you joining, I invited you to the PM, where there is a link to the discord


May I command The White Celestial Army and the province of Senxi? Ar(T)chitect of the West. (Currently on discord).


Also the top left of my screen just says ‘connecting’ is it meant to say something else?
How do I get my army and province, is it just all fake?


I don’t know what the connecting thing is, and in a way it is fake. Here’s a map tho of all the provinces (but the parts of Parfagistan we got from Jay)


Black celestial army


It was taken


White celestial?


I wish to join, my greatest honor is to lead our army’s to victory and spiritual winning… your acceptance of me is in the hands of a great leader, Thank you


Great! I am so happy for you to join, as now we have breached the 10 person (not including me) mark! Please choose an army and province! :slight_smile:


I’ll take the 1st Heavenly Cavalry under the Tseng if you have it


We changed it up to colors. I will have to make more, because so many people are joining XD. But yeah, for now, look at the color system, and see what things others have chosen. Also choose a province! :slight_smile:


Can I have the Red Celestial Army and the province of Sungxi Miso?