The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty ~ 曾在王朝的太平天國


Can i have any army? Lol. I want to battle.


you do have an army…


also use discord


Yes. The white celestial army. Discord/Ar(t)chitect


Or the Red celestial Army.


Hello !Am ,l’m from Russia and i would like to join in your aliance ,I don’t know how i can do this?Can you help me with this?


Great! I am currently running out of armies, and will soon have others. But for now, just choose a province.


But,i don’t know any provinc!


Well,i can say that i would like be a warior!Samuray!


Ou,Mory,sorry i jast don’t anderstand what did you mean


Choose a province


Mori ,i wont mori.


Ruku. I would like that province.


Hello tseng , are you giving them proper training ?


Do not involve yourself in matters of my state.


Ooh, jumpy :slight_smile: . I just want to ask permission if i could tran them.


Should we wait for an announcement if we got a province/army or full? Anxious to rule.


You own it now. It is yours, but don’t fight anyone unless I tell you


Fair emperor. Provide army when ready.


Can i faight with somebody?