The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty ~ 曾在王朝的太平天國


May I lead the red celestial army and govern Mienchi


I don’t really no why I keep growing, but ehhh sure


Thanks my lord


Already have province, may I lead the green Celestial army emperor?


Can I join


How do I join


Can I join and lead the green celestial army and govern mienchi

                           Thank you my lord


I want to join your clan


Sure I guess


Hello sir. Can I join the Tseng Dynasty.


I am Dol my clan application can be seen in the latest news (Clan Application) I would love the idea of joining your Clan and maybe even one day controling your greatest cavalry regiment.


You guys ain’t shit


Yeesh calm ureself


Dear the barbaric, detestable WaitnNBaitin4U69

My first response is “What is this tiny, foolish, and barbaric clan (if people who openly use slanderous language can even be called that) doing on my page?” My second response was, yes, we ARE sh*t because we are actually the largest and the most organized clan in SW, dwarfing you. My next response was your bad language and that you did not use a period. My last response is this.

Yes, we are shit

So now please kindly get the f*ck off my page, and do not come back

King of all worlds, Tseng Tsun-Mi


I humbly invite the strongest warriors of The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty to come challenge me in the Champion’s Hall. If any wish to prove their superiority in the art of war do so by besting me and claiming the title of champion!


Can I join


I am Leviathan, A commander who has had many victories on both land and sea. I would like to command the 1st Heavenly skirmish and dub it “The rage of Death”.


Greetings, I am a fairly new Player. But I’d still want to join.


This clan sucks the mercenary army cud reak havoc outta this clan


Agreed sir