The Heavenly Kingdom of the Tseng Dynasty ~ 曾在王朝的太平天國


How do I join


Settle it in a fight and screenshot the results. I dont know how good Tseng is but I personally dont think we should be comparing clans for now. Nikodil said that there will be no leaderboards regarding these clans.

However if you want to settle this, settle it in pitch battle :slight_smile: That is most fair, wouldnt you all agree ?


What? Guys thats from like a year ago and this clan isn’t active. WE DO NOT CARE!!! Stop replying to this. I might just ask Niko to take this down. And Waitn, you are just a complete stuck up prick who thinks the world owes you something. Same with you Thruzan, just not as bad. And who even is warlord. It seems Thruzan has been telling new recruits his own version of history, as in the end we one. Take my account down, it doesn’t even matter anymore. Take this post down.