The Hellison Federacy: Arc of Nations


and whatcha doin matey?


Your not the only one here that is from other games, Jayixthenland was made 3 years ago on a MC server, and has since been “colonizing” other games, Umardoloth was made 1 1/2 years ago, and has spread to lots of different games. Including Shogun 2, Medieval 2, Rome, and Napoleon total war as well as From the Depths, (Jayixthenland also uses FtD), Mount & Blade: Warband, Men of War: Assault Squad 2, Battle of Empires: 1914-1918, and Samurai Wars. We don’t have a page for our Empires, as we have this, and we didn’t make a Wordpress or anything, because we generally are to busy most days to actually update the page. And we normally have seperate histories, and stories for different games we play on to keep thing fresh and interesting.

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First off, gotta keep the way you talk clean if you are to reply publicly, I personally don’t care how you talk to me over a PM, but the rules for public posts/replies state that you can’t swear or anything… I have a steam community, and a group of friends that we play with, but Umardoloth does exist on those games. And this really isn’t a “clan”, the whole clan title is (what I’m assuming) is a lack of coordination between me and the developer of Samurai Wars, I really wanted this to be… How should I say, not one of those dumb in-game clan things where all you do is do raids against each other and stuff. This is something with actual rules, and a code of conduct… Right now I’m not really done with the whole set code of conduct stuff as I’m still setting some stuff up with the developer, but what it is in a nutshell is that war cannot be declared without a proper reason (like if someone provokes you through insults, attacks, ect.). The reason we have provinces and major cities is because you need to “capture” the cities and provinces before a faction is defeated. Wars normally end when your opposition either defeats you, you defeat them, or you declare a ceasefire or treaty, and when a war ends, you get to keep all the provinces you captured from the enemy player’s faction, and if they are fully conquered, you get to have their faction. The conquered faction doesn’t need to delete their post, but they will need to modify it heavily until it’s intertwined with yours someway or another. anyways, did I ever say that I wanted a wordpress or something like that in the firstplace? And having a wprdpress for other games somehow makes you more official than us? And have you ever thought that maybe there where already sites for us to use in the first place?

Be a bit more careful, herr Emeraldic

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We’re back mates! Open for Recruitment!


I would like to join


Before anything happens, any Kaztanian government of any shape or form EVER will not recognize the existence of DLN. Any attempts of this “country” to take over or make any rules or history will not be recognized by the current Kaztanian Republika and all factions vying for control of the State.


Very well than, you are now one of the first sanctum generals. Send me a pm everyday on the forums and be active at the DLN discord chat if you can.
You have been assigned leading the 1st Field Battalion.
Good luck legionnaire!


Bananinis Arbuzas AKA Justasssss was recruited in-game as the 2nd Sanctum General. He is a member from the PB2 Colony too.


How does one get to the DLN discord chat


You actually need to download ‘Discord’ for either iOS or android. Depends on what your using. Just go to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘Discord’.

Colony pages are out!


If you did notice, I have slightly changed the names of the battalions and regiments.


Yo! Uh I have a question… Where did you get those pictures of the soldiers? I ask for two reasons.

  1. If you can make your own guys on it, I would like to use it
  2. If you didn’t make those soldiers yourself, they may violate clan rules…


Those are Warcraft III models. I am a mapmaker of WC3 and if you have the Warcraft map editor, you can use a ‘unique’ model from Hive and screenshot it as a soldier’s model. WC3 is a game, one of the old time classics.

Also, you can make your own models through some special programs.


So, is it yours or not?


Not this is KulZernite and King_Nicholas’ models. I downloaded them in Hive Workshop for WC3 to use them. Asked them so if they could allow so they said yes. Models from Hive can actually be used in all of your maps or works with no copyright issues. The creators are credited by the workshop itself.


Ok then. Your all set to go.


What are some good websites for making 3D models for this, as all of the ones I can find are just weird.


I don’t know much about those.
Here are some I found:


They may not be your models… But they are basically just Samurai, and Ashigaru… Not something you created. I hand draw all of my uniforms, and I have been trying to replicate what I hand drew on my digital art platforms. These uniforms are also going to be used for my men in the wars we are trying to replicate. Just because you found them on a download site doesn’t mean it violates the rules, but what the models/textures are does.