The Hellison Federacy: Arc of Nations


I guess I spoke too soon…


Lol, it’s my fault tbh, not yours or emeralds in a way, as I didn’t really make the guidelines clear I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


If I can get my scanner to work soon, I’ll show you some detailed blueprints for tanks and airships I’ve been working on


I would love to see them :slight_smile:


I would love to show them to you :slight_smile: if my scanner stops acting up


It’s sad I have like 3-4 graphic designing softwares but don’t know how to use them properly xD


That’s the problem i ran into… XD


Our Discord Chat Server:
Its un-limited.
I made it seperate because it didn’t look good in the post itself.


The High Command Assembles

We now have all the three SGs (Sanctum Generals). The 3 battalions have been formed and so have been the three regiments.
The last SG to be recruited was TwilightShade, a player from PB2 and also Standoff who decided to play Samurai Wars too.
So here it begins, the campaigns.
Campaigns will be launched soon


Lel m8 you still have to change the Ashigaru and all…


I loved them so much.
Sadly I guess I will change it to newer models from Kul which doesn’t look like Samurai and Ashigaru.


Bannanins was replaced with Moonhawk aka KLMJETWORK since Bannanins left from the main colony. Now we have Moonhawk as the 2nd SG.


Emblem of the Legion

Our emblem symbolises our power, fury but also loyalty for the Legion.
It has also been kept in the flag but with other colours that match it.

Any good clans I could join?

When Vultblooop made these comments he was actually replying to Emeraldic’s rude behavior, not talking to himself. I would like to make sure that he is not made the villain for Emeraldic being scared of his past actions, and deleting the replies where he clearly disregards him and calls him “not a real clan.” I just don;t think it’s fair for him to have that happen to him.



Seriously? Would I be scared of a simple what I call, ‘virtual execution’ PM? The only fact I removed my messages was so to ensure no flamewars in the post, I tried to tell him to delete too but I of course, you can see he didn’t.
By the way, since I am not a roleplayer unlike most people here, I won’t accept a ‘virtual execution’ of:

Literally no thanks. And if you excuse, I won’t like a flamewar here which rather may start as I expect.


I don’t want no flamewar. And also, if you aren’t a roleplayer, that’s not the point of this. And why do you have to bring the execution up. You were kind of an enemy of all of the states then and I was the only one who would actually tell you that. I could honestly couldn’t care less about you declaring war on me, and I technically shouldn’t have to because you don’t follow the rules of a faction. No offense, but what you have made is honestly more of an extension of a plazma burst clan than an actual in game clan.


What do you mean by this?


Let’s just end it before a real war comes lmao.


Kk XD sorry for being a bit stuck up


lol real war i do love where this is going

i might have to bring squad over XD