The Hellison Federacy: Arc of Nations


damn ROASTED!!!


probably mc roleplay wars


There’s my two batteries being sent.


Here’s a regiment.


lol ok what now?

so much for roleplaying XD


k i dont do much rawlpleys


How do I join this clan


You didn’t see the application form did you?
Scroll up and see it.


Mate I’m still the biggest roaster on this forum, it’s just that I realized I was being a bit stuck up.



And also, you may come to the DLN chat.


Current Colonies

We have abandoned the Standoff colony because it had a bad clan system and our members couldn’t be kept track of.
Now, we have two other colonies besides PB2 - SW (Samurai Wars) and Clash Royale.


The First Official Non-Roleplay Clan Post to Hit 1k Views



Announcing Diplomacy

Diplomacy is now here! Lately I’ve been asked by Miska of the Hervegoia - Ruheland Birodalom for an alliance:
And I’ve accepted. The first ever alliance with DLN.

Diplomatic Status

Allies: 1

  • Hervegoia - Ruheland Birodalom
    Tensioned: 0
    Enemies: 0


Explains Itself



Check it out ABOVE!


What is real gaming? Am I not doing it right?


Who are you actually?


Just someone who thought he was a gamer


Well, okay ftw. ‘thought’ kkk.


Two New SGs

  • Arkenstone
  • shadows_end

Lets welcome these new guys!