The Hellison Federacy: Arc of Nations


May I join the clan please


We have closed recruitment for now.


Recruitment is now OPEN


May I please join your clan


Very well then, I have sent you a PM, check it.


Im want to enjoy in your clan


Added you into the DLN PMs Group.


Rising And Rising

The Legion rises day by day and we are to be one of the most powerful clans in SW.


U guys don’t even play SW anymore… U are never on…



I have SW, only my other members play it, me? Rarely.
I am an organizer.



The Army has been reformed, the units thingy has been removed and the OML has been updated.


A. Because you are the best clan I have seen (+no role playing)
B. About 24 hours ago (highest score was 27 894 on the mode where you press the button in the middle of the screen when you load the game
C. I have played for 17 hours already so will probs be active
D. Tbh idk


You seem to be promising. There, I replace Hellow with you as a Major and the CO of the 67th Royal Demokratia Legion.
I also have added you to the EL Drastica PMs Group.


Please check the PMs Group.


The Topic Just Hitted 2k

Keep the chill m8s!


Adding more fuel to the fire
Stand by!


Abandoning the Colony for now

Seeming that we won’t get much members now in SW until the website update for it comes in, we are abandoning this colony. We will come back after the update where you can play SW in desktop is released.


SW for desktop would be dope!


There is SW for desktop. :slight_smile: Go to to play on PC.



We are back.

Recruitment is open for everyone!
Lot of ranks need to be filled so come in now.