The I Have A Name Gang


I’ve been noticing that almost everyone in this game is named Player these days, possibly because of a series of terrible updates that nearly destroyed the game. The game is back to its old self now. I really appreciated the last update. And now I am ready to start playing in earnest again and start a new clan. This clan is for every non-moron who is serious enough about Samurai Wars to actually have a name. The I Have A Name Gang is for everyone with a name. I will not discriminate. Here you are all equally worthless, but none so much as the nobody’s who go by “Player.”

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Your new name is a terrible update “AssBlaster”?

Just go back to being the less worthless name "asskisser":kiss:

“…Nearly Destroyed the game” shut the fuk up hahaha


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I have a name so I will join this gang.


I’ve seen you have posted a lot of victory screenshots, you seem like you have your way around in game tactics. Care to exchange a few?


Stay in character, General! This community needs your dedication.


So I take it you aren’t joining the I Have A Name Gang then, sir? Lol


And sure @ResimusChaste


I believe a silent truce is in act? Either way I am ending these aggressive tones until someone else becomes aggressive, I think we may have an agreement on simply working instead of performing a live drama show :sweat_smile:


@ResimusChaste That’s great news, splitting off-topics posts into separate thread