The IronHilt Clan Main Page & Application Page


This is the IronHilt clan posts, recruiting here


Remember just post down below and I’ll try to get back to u asap. I’ll post my times that I’m on and we can recruit from there


The Mercenary Army salutes this new clan. O7



The CoolHandClan Slautes this clan (Note: I did not. Just copy off of @Thruzan lol :smile: )


The Reaper applauds you for your salutes to his clan! I will look forward to battling you in the field!!


One more thing to add: I will be creating a discord server soon. I will have more info on it in a couple of days


Can I join?


Hmu I’m ready


The ironhills will show honor and peace to this clan. We expect the same from u


The Asskicking Clan looks forward to blasting your ass