The land of the frustrated


Ranfor ever then eventually gives up lol.
@MilitaryOfficer @ :racehorse::fried_egg::dart::gun::hocho::bomb::smile::smile::smile:


I haven’t forgot this occasion either. Camper. :grinning::joy::+1:


Ur only one. You’ve been holding that 1 for about 2 days well here’s your rainy day to bad i didnt screen the other ones i got :smile::smile::wink::hocho::gun::dart::fried_egg:


I agree…but those emojees are pathetic…making u look like u really:


Like…you didnt even take a decent screenshot of how pathetic ur opponent really was! Here ya’ll lemme help Cent out! This “Millitary Officer” was a discracefull cunt…check the screen and mostly the chat: