The "magnifying lens"


Has anybody found a use for the magnifying glass because I haven’t! Visually nice feature, but practicly…do I dare say useless…to me at least!


Actually, that’s a bug, not a feature :roll_eyes: I’ve trying hard to disable the magnifying glass, and now it rarely appears, but apparently not never


Actually I finally learned how to do it…I get it in 8 out of 10 times now! Lol…good to know


How i would think ide like that feature


A slightly magnifyed mega zoom!


maybe if one would let go and it was still there and one could still work in the meanwhile! But no, then a better sollution would be an overall closer zoom of the map, actually if one could zoom 5% further it wouldnt be such a bad idea…it would add a bit of difficulty in the micro though, as at times you would be too zoomed in and lose overall controll!


Right, improving the zoom is another one of the refinements needed for the camera and command gestures.


Could there also be pike shield wall?


I think there should be momentum and shield wall advantages.