The Mercenary Army


I would like to be in the advanced recon division under gen noremac


I wouldn’t mind joining for some practice today. I just need to know when. I’m on EST by the way.


How would you like to join The Nationalists, snookums?


Sorry, but I have a strict “No deals with stupid” policy.


Nice one lol


This is a notification for all Generals of the Mercenary Army to join the Global SW Tournament! We shall bring Glory and Honor to our clan through victory.

Also, we shall begin preparations for this quest of glory. We shall train our troops and strengthen our commanders for the heat of battle! Next week, I will personally be available to sharpen your Divisions and Regiments up. Feel free to contact me however you must. (I am always available through Discord)
During the time of the tournament, I would like to plan a way to identify ourselves as the Mercenary Army. I’m currently thinking about adding “(MAR)” to identify as “Mercenary Army Regiment”. Please leave any ideas or comments below so we can devise effective identification initials.

High Lord Thruzan


General n0remac, reporting for duty. I will look for you on discord to seek training.


Lol… I don’t quite remember joining this… But whatever :laughing:


Hello @WarringStates123, I welcome you into the Mercenary Army. Just before you are fully applied I would like to test you first. I do realize we crossed paths earlier however there was some weird thing happening… so we shall play another time.
Also, please tell me what division and army description you would like.



Up there somewhere!!!


Uh military division and name it “Howling beasts of seoul”


Hey @Flick_Missile, Welcome to the Mercenary Army! Sorry for the delay…
What division and army description would you like?
You can join the Discord server by tapping on this link.



Would like to join under gen nomerac


Hello Generals of the Mercenary Army!
For the tournament, we shall add -MA- to identify as being part of the Mercenary Army! Bring Glory and Honor to this clan through victory in the First SW Tournament!* Remember it starts on April 1st at 00:00 GMT!



Do we still have a discord server? I finally got enough room on my mobile to download it


We do @Wanagi. The link to the server is



Hello thruzan are you still looking for members? Maybe i can join even if i’m quite new to the game.


Hello @Giech, you are permitted​ to join, however it would be beneficial to the community for other clans to expand as well.
You will be tested in battle before you are fully accepted into the clan. After that occurs you will be able to choose what division and army description you would like.
Highly Recommended - You can join the Discord server by tapping on this link. This is used to coordinate matchmaking and Tournaments as well.



Thank you for your answer @Thruzan, you are right and because i also want to help this community to grow i will probably look for other clans before joining this because i see there are just a few clans. See you.


Count me in