The Mercenary Army


I would like to fight on your side whatever u choose me in


Hello I would like to join the main division and I would like to be called genral Arazoz I would like my army to be called the wu tigers I will wait to face one of ur men also may I get ur discord tag


do u guys still have a discord and how does this work i donloaded app but not sure how to use it


i was thinking we could do a plot based game like the one i started inspired by ur game we fill plots with land castles exetra exept we do it with clans and every time an individual from whatever clan post a screan shot they they claim a plot a plot



i downloaded app but wasn’t able to get samurai wars on there i dont get it


Just click the link I posted


I would like to join. How do I? I’m not skilled, but I’ll happily take on entry battles to join to calibrate my skill.


Can I join on discord and can I join


u belong 2 our clan already and discord is app thats just like forum do u want out of clan? plus u an fooly didnt battle 2 climb ranks ths clan ur posting 2 is inactive doesnt exist no more u guys need to battle 2 observe ur weakness


No I dont want out of clan I just thought I could join two clans


sorry bro had 2 go 2 store be back in 1 hour from ths post


Hmmm… I wish he was back


Hi guys its been a while


Hay man are you gonna start playing again if you do join the Roman Republic


Are you talking to me?


Join the H.S.C if your gonna join any clan didnt think girls play this game (no offense) but i can start a girl faction that u can lead if you want


Who do you think you are talking to this is the great general uvox from the ancient times


Obviously girls play this game -.- and why would I want to be in a separate faction?


Idk i just dont seem to come across that many girl players not saying i haven’t, just not often , I was thinking maybe since your probly good i could start like a girls faction not saying you have to but maybe you would like to, If i were a women i would start one and whoop some ass but i aint so i thought maybe i can make the offer to you but i didnt mean to insult you sorry if i did