The Mercenary Army


Mhm, btw I like talking on the discord a lot more than this


R u talking to me or worrior beast


Both I guess


Oh ok ya i didnt redownload the app discord the texting is better the keyboard dont block the screen




I see you played with thurzan was he good always wanted to play thay guy but never seen him


He’s gone and stuff… so you prob will never


Have i ever played you ? Ya i probly wont but I’ve played nox was he better then him if so by alote or a little


Idk, probably not


Oh ok


I don’t really play this game that much anymore. If I’m on it’s probably because of a friend or something


Oh i see that sucks, ya i downloaded it played for about a month straight then didnt even pop in for like 3 or 4 months then 1 day i felt like playing and been hooked since but i like challenges and unfortunately a sideffect to playing alot is you get good and not enough challenges so thats why i try to teach people all i know so i create more tougher smarter players


Yeah, clans and community is the only way to keep this going atm


Ya thats why i started this territory game to give me a purpose i give recruits crutches to make it a greater challenge 4 myself


Love the stratigy and tactics that are possible on this game


Yeah, most people do


You dont ?? Or are you just over the game in general


They are fine. I just remember people complaining about them in the past


The only prob with the game is not inuf updates and


Yeah, but you have to understand the scale of development of this game.