The Mercenary Army


Its slow


He’s young i dont think he understands the complexity of these things and the time consumption of it


I do but I like games like third age and thay update there games lik every month almost


hi @Thruzan @Noremac i’m back i got wounded in battle and was inactive for a half a year but now i’m back and am reporting for duty

One more caward runner 😣

Filick thruzan has died in he last battle only KSE and uvox are left

One more caward runner 😣

How did that happen?


I don’t know but you can join the roman republic and just tell me how theism managed with his clan you will be my second in command


what? i dont understand


What don’t you understand general flick


What that means


Right in the middle


I think he ment thurzan


Glad to hear you are ok. Until Thruzan returns or someone else seeks to lead the Mercenary Army I will be working as a ronin. If you wish to join me in my endeavors to spread the Serbian Empire at the Territory Bank I will make us a national flag.


im quite new to this game, as such i would not be worth the title of general as of yet but i would like to be in command of a specialised task force. my title would be commander Indigo of echo force


What is you in game name? We can have a match and I will show you some basic tactics. As opponents get stonger you should work on speed and coordination. You should always considered the best terrain. If the opponent has the high ground sometimes you need to attack from two sides.


My user is indigo_


I meant _Indigo


How do i do that??


Let’s play together and practice strategy. I might actually start a new clan. I would want some help running it though.


In and out I go.
For staying I can not stowe
Forever shall I go
In and out I go