The Mercenary Army


Ah, okay. Try doing it from here then


Then ur using the app go to samurai wars forum in google then log in there smand upload there the app doesnt function properly


Us I got a new phone and I don’t have enough space to daownload it


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So uhh, still recruiting? I heard people around here are pretty friendly at times, usually… Don’t underestimate me for being new, as I would probably play this game a lot and actively try and get better, and I use to play this when it didn’t have chat implemented so anyways…
If I get recruited can I just be pfc, I don’t wanna command stuff


We have the perfect game 4 u


I know, gmod starwars role play, that’s the only place with pfc rank


I mean, It would be best for me if I stayed silent and just did my stuff when I get called, that is if I get recruited by any clan


No one really bashes if your new, usually clashes happen there months of getting to know players and tactics that are usually frowned upon that arnt wrong if this were real war fair but here its a slow battle taking long other then that there friendly quarals


I can help u train you dont have to join my clan or anything i just like to see playets get better to bring me compition. As far as the tactic people hate i acually learnd to like to fight but its time consuming but somehow every now and then i get sucked into one if i can spare the time i kinda enjoy them


Hay man this clan is now dead only clans left are my Mercenary Royal Guard,cent Shadow Empire,and normacs Advanced Recon Force




I wound like to join


Lol this clan is dead


This clan is dead