The Mercenary Army


Can you send me another invite please


All discord invites are the same/reusable. It more of a server ID then an invite. <— don’t use


Actually… I do think they expire after after awhile.

Yeah my bad they expire on the server every 24 hours or something, so try this one. (You could set the length of time that it is useable. The more you know I guess.)


Here is a permanent link.



May I join your army I just got the game so I am not that good but I still want to join and fight to see if I’m good enough


Sure, you can join. If you can, please get Discord.



Does it cost money


No, it’s a free gamer communication app. Just texting and VC. We use it to organize tournaments and such.



Alright I got it and signed up now what do I do


Join using that link I gave you.



How do I know I’m joined here n you clan


I mean how do I know I joined your clan


First I will test you in battle before you are fully taken into the clan. Then you shall provide a description of your Mercenary Army Regiment as well as pick an available number. It will be official once you see your name in the main post above.



When can we battle how about 4 o’clock


You should include a time zone.


Hello I am Bunbee5 I would like to join I have been a feared Warlord in other online games.

If you let me join I will lead armies to victory and destroy any one who gets in my way.

If you let me become one of your Feared General can you call me Victor Demo.

Yours, Victor Demo(Bunbee5)


Bunbee5 (Victor Demo)

If you let me join could my Regiment be the:
7th Mercenary Military Force
Known as the ‘Shadow Army’ they can take out any thing before someone can see it coming.


Sure, I would like to test you before your full acceptance into the clan. Also if you can, please get Discord and join the SW server. It helps greatly with matchmaking and tournament organization.
Here is the Discord link.


Ok when should the battle happen?

Plus I have dicord and im on the server I think.



Im ln the server on discord.