The Mercenary Army


I met you in game and you said I could join


Are you interested in the waring states of china or japan ?


I like both but I prefer chineese


Wang Jian is my idol. Well at least in that era.
Conquering CHU , which was a large military
Power at that time seemedimpossible to do in a aone sided manner.


Keep,this chat clear from idol chat this if for leaders of the MercenaryArmy and Samurai wishing to join.

Thank You,



Alright , ill respect your rules :slight_smile:


Thurman I did beat normac in a battle yesterday. Does this count to put me officially in. If so please tell me.


Well, I want to see your capabilities. Sure, I’ll let you join as I said before. Just if you can, get discord and join the SW server using this link
Just give me the number and general name you want as well as the description you would like.



Thurzan I want general cavalry and known as the riders of the fold. And I’m loading in the discord now


Sure, @mention me in Discord when you have the time. Welcome to the Mercenary Army. :slightly_smiling_face:



I would like to apply


Do we do a title on our name


Sunday Scrimmages!

Any clan members want to join me for some practice on Sunday? I’m on pacific time.


May I join please


I would like to be in the advanced recon division under gen noremac


I wouldn’t mind joining for some practice today. I just need to know when. I’m on EST by the way.


How would you like to join The Nationalists, snookums?


Sorry, but I have a strict “No deals with stupid” policy.


Nice one lol


This is a notification for all Generals of the Mercenary Army to join the Global SW Tournament! We shall bring Glory and Honor to our clan through victory.

Also, we shall begin preparations for this quest of glory. We shall train our troops and strengthen our commanders for the heat of battle! Next week, I will personally be available to sharpen your Divisions and Regiments up. Feel free to contact me however you must. (I am always available through Discord)
During the time of the tournament, I would like to plan a way to identify ourselves as the Mercenary Army. I’m currently thinking about adding “(MAR)” to identify as “Mercenary Army Regiment”. Please leave any ideas or comments below so we can devise effective identification initials.

High Lord Thruzan